Check out the official Kurulus Osman Episode 113 Trailer with Urdu Subtitles now and get a glimpse into what's coming next in this blockbuster period drama.

From Now on! You will see the adventures episodes of the kurulus osman. Big characters of the 3 big states are also join in this episode.

A huge meething of the beys of the garmayan, karasiyan, jandarayan, seljukian and osman bey will be held in sogut.

Watch Kurulus osman ep 113 trailer in urdu substitles;

Major participant of the episode;

First one is yaqoob bey that are the head of the state present in east. Second one is Qarasi bey that are son of Qalim shah. and last one will be the head of the jandaran that are samshuddin bey.

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